Jurina Matsui at Wrestle Kingdom

Imagine getting into pro-wrestling for the first time and witnessing a ****** match? That was Jurina Matsui, ace of Japanese group SKE48. At the end of Omega/Okada you can see three AKB idols, 2 of them no reaction and Jurina on the right crying and with a towel.

Fast forward, I decided to do my research because I find her insanely attractive. Seems she has been filming for TV Asahi, a wrestling drama. She is the lead as Hollywood Jurina. So she gets deeper into the pro wrestling world, constantly appearing at shows like AJPW, BOSJ, etc. Taguchi nominated her as an honorary Taguchi Japan member and she even got her own shirt.

So she got named as ambassador for NJPW and as flower girl for WK12 opening the show. Later she's on commentary with Chono and Milano.

I can definitely see her getting involved after her AKB career is over, whether it's as a joshi (risky because she has history of health issues). In that case, she'd be bigger than Io Shirai by drawing power, and WWE would take notice LOL. JK. I can see her doing commentary like Miki Motoi does. Considering her health it's much easier

What do you think she's doing at WK13?

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