It feels crazy that I’ve almost finished my first season of New Japan already. How long has everyone else been watching?

Originally curious by the hype about AJ Styles/Okada/Tanahashi and eventually, I always had an eye on New Japan. Fast forward to the first G1 Special, and how ‘good’ (just going my Star ratings) the matches had been throughout that year, I was buzzing. What is this New Japan? What’s Bullet Club actually about?

I ended up going through their website , Wikipedia pages and seeing how their streamer shows, pretty enticing. I didn’t have a way to get NJPWWorld and I had to beg and plead to just get the Network. Admittedly I went into Dailymotion and watched a few recent matches that were leading to Wrestle Kingdom, they were really fun.

All of a sudden though, Jericho. What? What’s he doing? Why’s he on another show?

Jericho Vs Omega was announced, and I just had to watch it. Haven’t regretted it since.

Whats the story behind your New Japan fandom? How long has it been? Who’s been your favourite?

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