I interviewed Kevin Kelly recently – he revealed that he’s working on producing archive content for NJPW World where he examines major moments from the company’s history, gives you all the info you need to know going into the match, and then explains the impact the match had after you’ve watched it

"With NJPW World we’re giving more and more content all the time. Not just the live events but we’re also going to take a deeper dive into the archives. Not necessarily literally calling all matches because I think to take the Japanese commentary off of those matches does them a disservice in history, but if we can give them some context to new fans by explaining, “Hey, did you realise Hulk Hogan used to be a top star in New Japan Pro Wrestling?” Many fans might go, “Huh? I didn’t know that.” To go back in time and explain the match, let’s say with Inoki, then we show that match, then we talk about the aftermath of saying, “Wow, you had no idea of the shockwaves this sent throughout Japan as they saw Inoki stretchered out, and they thought it was the end.” A megastar was born. Of course he would go on to captivate the world with Hulkamania, but really the roots of it were born in New Japan. I think that’s the most exciting thing we’re doing there, I’m thrilled with where we’re going. Just doing more and more and more stuff."

Audio and transcript of full interview here: https://hairywrestlingfan.com/2018/09/13/lets-talk-pro-wrestling-with-kevin-kelly/

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