Month: April 2018

Report: WWE paying its female wrestlers for show they couldn’t work in Saudi Arabia

Just last week, Jerry Lawler mentioned on his podcast that he believed WWE was paying its female wrestlers for the Greatest Royal Rumble event, despite the fact they didn’t work the show. That’s because it […]


Saudi General Sports Authority Releases Apology For Showing Women During Greatest Royal Rumble

Female WWE wrestlers were shown during an advertisement that aired in the arena during Greatest Royal Rumble and now the Saudi General Sports Authority is apologizing for the mistake. According to a rough translation via […]

Finn Balor Issues Statement on Lack of Rainbow Gear at Greatest Royal Rumble

Saudi Arabia’s strict laws against homosexuality led many to believe it was the reason Finn Balor didn’t wear his rainbow-themed gear promoting inclusion at Greatest Royal Rumble … and now the wrestler has released a […]