Brie Bella On Daniel Bryan Working Towards An In-Ring Return, If The Bella Twins Will Return In WWE

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Brie Bella joined Busted Open with Dave Lagreca yesterday to promote Season 7 of Total Divas. Two items of interest from that interview.

During the interview, Brie is asked about Daniel Bryan’s potential return to wrestling, and Brie says as long as he’s cleared by doctors, she would never hold him back from living his dream. She says he’s been working every day since he was told he can no longer wrestle to find a way back into that ring. She also comments on Kurt Angle’s return and how Bryan felt about that, as well as Bryan’s tweets about his return.

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Brie also had the following to say about the potential of a Bella Twins return to the WWE:

“I miss it so much, and I miss it so much because I am filming Total Divas and I am around all these girls who are doing all these history making things. For me, I watch now as a fan at home and sometimes it’s actually hard on me. I’ll tell Bryan “now I know how you feel.” I do have the itch, and obviously Birdie’s (daughter) my number 1 priority, but the Bella Twins are going to come back at some point in 2018. And granted we can’t come for a long time because of my baby, but we are coming back. I told Nikki “You and I have not been in the ring together for over 2 years.” The only way I’m making a comeback, and she said the same thing the only way she’s making a comeback, is together. I told Bryan, I told pretty much everyone, I am making a comeback before baby 2.”

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