Appreciate the Little Things: “It’s Just Wrestling”

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“U.K., be ready. I’ll be there. In the middle of the ring”. – Triple H

While I cannot speak for the U.K. audience, I can say that when Triple H posted this message on his social media pages, I was pretty excited. In 2014, attending WWE shows in the UK became a regular thing for me; however, the likes of Triple H & Undertaker had long stopped performing for WWE in the U.K. So knowing Hunter will be stepping into the ring in London for the WWE, not only excites me but allows me to appreciate what a special moment this will be for a long time wrestling fan.

Triple H has not often been put in the same bracket as the Undertaker’s or Shawn Michaels of the world, but it’s undeniable, he is one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time. His work in the ring has been incredible. The ability to stay relevant, and hang with the likes of The Rock and Stone Cold is not something one should overlook either. And today, Hunter has revolutionized the business by helping create the brand we know and love, NXT.

Having been a fan of professional wrestling for over 17 years, being able to witness Triple H wrestle for the first time is not something I take for granted. While it may just be a house show and I do not believe I will be seeing a five star Triple H classic. I understand and appreciate that seeing Triple H perform is a rare thing today.

After last week’s Under Siege angle on Raw and the somewhat ridiculous nitpicking of the angle, it became clear to me that we live in an era where we tend to stop appreciating the little things. This is an entertainment show, just like a movie, sometimes everything does not have to be done perfectly in order for it to be fun.

Social media feels like a platform where people feel like they have to be critical. I can recall in the build-up to Survivor Series last year, fans were clamouring for Goldberg’s return. But just a few short months later, those fans began criticising Goldberg for being the Goldberg of old and crushing people in minutes.

Don’t Hate, Appreciate

Rebelling and pointing out any negative seems to be the way to go for fans, and sure, when Daniel Bryan was pushed to the side, and Batista won the Royal Rumble, I was as angry as any fan. However, when moments like this Friday present themselves, and an opportunity to see one of the greats of my childhood comes, I transport myself back to the young kid watching WWE on Saturday mornings.

This Friday in London, a great performer returns to the ring. As a long-time wrestling fan, I can tell you, I am over the moon and very, very appreciative to be able to see ‘The Game’ do his thing. At the end of the day, it’s wrestling, and one should not take this too seriously.

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