Alexa Bliss defeats Mickie James to retain Raw women’s championship

Thanks to a human resources meeting gone wrong, Alexa Bliss was forced into defending her women’s championship tonight (Oct. 30) on Raw.

As declared by Kurt Angle, in part because Bliss was nowhere to be found during #UnderSiege, the five feet of fury would main event Raw versus Mickie James.


Oh and the SmackDown champion Natalya was watching very closely.


The championship match opened as a back and forth affair. James gained the early edge with Bliss yelling at the WWE official and taking a break on the outside.

James would continue her rally with clotheslines, knees and a nasty neckbreaker. The momentum would swing when James attempted to climb the turnbuckle.

After both women wrestled for position, James missed on Lou Thesz press and Bliss capitalized. As James countered with a variety of pinning predicaments, Bliss would land a elbow strike seemingly out nowhere. The Bliss-Bow left James out and allowed Bliss to retain her championship.


It looks like the WWE will go with a heel vs. heel women’s match at Survivor Series. Excited for the Nattie vs. Alexa feud?

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